Dear Stephen,
I have been on your protocol for a little over a month now. While I have noticed no change so far, I am not giving up yet. There is one symptom though that I have had what seems like forever now that to me is my most severe and hardest to pin down. Some people call it air hunger, but I have to continually struggle to get what I call a satisfying breath of air. I usually have to yawn, cough, or move around to make it happen. If this satisfying breath does not come through I get a little sense of panic. Eventually it always comes through but sometimes it is easier than others. I try to avoid many situations because people have asked me if I am okay. It is very hard to explain. I know there are other people that have this issue and that I am not crazy, but it seems like I have forgotten how to breathe. Have you heard of this and is it solvable?

Stephen’s response:
I would suggest you try ailanthus tincture and western skunk cabbage tincture; they will help immensely. You can get them from Julie Mcintyre:
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