Dear Stephen,
I am allergic to gluten so using wheat germ to combat mycoplasma is not an option for me. Do you have any other suggestions for dealing with mycoplasma infections?

Stephen’s response:
Here is what I would suggest for treating mycoplasma:
Serrapeptase: 1 capsule daily on empty stomach – this will help make the mycoplasma more vulnerable to the herbs.
Raintree Nutrition Myco formula – this is a great combination formula for mycoplasma and reports I have heard show it is pretty effective for most people.
Cryptolepis as a systemic antibiotic. 1 tsp 3x daily (
Mycoplasma actually likes gluten so it is good you aren’t eating it – avoid white sugar as well and also nuts and seeds and any oils that come from them.
I would highly recommend bee pollen to help replace the amino acids that the mycoplasma are consuming. 1 tbl daily in the a.m.
And to help your adrenals and energy I would highly suggest the muscle tone formula from Woodland Essence which is composed of pine pollen, aralia, and American ginseng tinctures. 1 dropperful 3x daily.
If your energy is really low the use of eleutherococcus tincture (HerbPharm brand only) is essential. 1 tsp a.m. and noonish.
A general multi-vitamin supplement plus extra C, D, E, CoQ-10, beta-carotene, quercetin, folic acid, bioflavoids and biotin are necessary and helpful when recovering from a mycoplasmal infection.
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