Dear Stephen,
No need to respond; this is a comment/tip and not a question. As luteolin for Chlamydia pneumoniae is difficult to learn about and source, I am passing along information I found in my personal research. Entrox by Now Foods has 80 mg of luteolin in it at a cost of $7 to $17 a bottle depending on the supplier (90 capsules 500 mg – although only 80 mg of Luteolin within) compared to another product at $70 (120 capsules at 100 mg). Upon further investigation, another effective supplement for Chlamydia pneumoniae is said to be N-acetyl-cysteine. Also, perilla seed oil is said to be a good source of luteolin. Source Naturals sells NAC and perilla seed oil at a much lower cost than other luteolin products that come up with a basic search. I am not an advanced researcher, so I hope my understanding is correct. If so, these are a much more appropriate cost for those in need. Thank you for your good work.

Stephen’s response:
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