Dear Stephen,
I read in one of the posts that you were working on and would have a new mycoplasma protocol available shortly. I wondered if it was complete or if i could be informed when it is done? So looking forward to it. Many blessings!
Stephen’s response:
The mycoplasma protocol is really extensive due to the nature of the organism. It needs to be adjusted depending on the exact symptoms and diet does play a part in it. The depth work on it is in a book coming out next spring. There is only room for a truncated version here:
Cordyceps capsules, Plum Flower brand, 2000mg 3x daily (Note from editor: If you click on the 1st Chinese Herbs ad below this post, you can get the code for 10% off this brand. Once on the 1st Chinese Herbs website, click on the “cordyceps” link under Specialty Pages in the left column.)
Tincture combination of:

Chinese skullcap root ( 2 parts

Isatis root ( 4 parts

Houttuynia ( 2 parts

Sida acuta ( 1 part

(In other words, 2 ounces isatis, 1 ounce skullcap, 1 ounce houttuynia, and ½ ounce sida.) Mix together. Take one teaspoon in water 3-4x daily.

You should notice a difference within a month. Sometimes sida can exacerbate symptoms and then the dose needs to be lowered a bit, so you might just combine the first three and take the sida separately 30 drops 3x daily. The dose on the rest of them remains the same.

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