Dear Stephen,
Thank you for your wonderful book, as I too am convinced that herbs are the way to go when treating many sicknesses. I am continuing to have issues with low CD57, and also with low immune function, as I have picked up recurring MRSA infections. I don’t want to take antibiotics anymore. Can you give me any other recommendations outside of your book, as I have been on the core protocol for about 9 months now, and still having the low immune function. All that I know that I have so far is lyme with many neuro symptoms, also positive for Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Thanks again for your great book, and all of the time you spend helping all of us that suffer.
Stephen’s response:
For MRSA use 1 tsp cryptolepis tincture 3x daily for 30 days. You can also use Sida acuta or alchornea tinctures or a combination of the three. These may also help with the mycoplasma. I would suggest adding rhodiola for helping with the immune function.

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