Dear Stephen,
I just noticed an ad for monolaurin for the HHV-6 virus. I’ve been reading that a red crescent in back of mouth is common for CFS, I do have the red crescent and am wondering if monolaurin would help me. I know the theory is that your protocol for lyme will build up the immune system and that will help fight off other infections. So perhaps it’s not necessary to treat the viruses. Also, I believe my HHV-6 test has improved, but think my EBV was still high. Does monolaurin work for all viruses – and is it necessary? I’m already swallowing fistfuls of herbs and supplements.

Stephen’s response:
The data on monolaurin is not complete enough to state with any confidence just how effective it is against viruses though early looks show much promise for raising immune function and its being active against a number of viruses and bacteria. I have had good results in treating EBV generated CFS with large doses of astragalus, ashwaghanda, eleutherococcus, milk thistle seed, reishi, chlorella, spirulina. Buy them in powder form, a pound each, mix together well, take ¼ cup just before bed in juice until it’s all gone, for 8 months or so.
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