Dear Stephen,
Should someone with lyme disease get the annual flu shot? My son took antibiotics for a little over 5 months but went off at the end of August due to some complications and is maintaining on a lowered dose of the core protocol minus the astragalus (since we don’t know how long he has had lyme). He is a college student away from home and usually gets the flu shot each year.

Stephen’s response:
No idea on this question. I don’t get flu shots myself but treat everything naturally so it is just way out of my awareness, especially for someone so young. Most of the people I know who do get flu shots are elderly and do so because the flu can be so dangerous for the old and infirm. [Editor’s note: I would also add that some of the flu shots contain thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative. If he does decide to get a flu shot, I would recommend you make sure to avoid the shots containing thimerosal.]
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