Dear Stephen,
I have heard great things about you and was wondering if you could help me with a protocol for FL1953?? It’s horrible – I’ve been sick in bed over 4 years now. FL1953 is a new, unique protozoan organism that is found in people with CFS, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and rheumatoid arthritis. People with Morgellon’s also have evidence of the organism.

Stephen’s response:
I am sorry to say that although I have researched this organism extensively, I can find nothing on it in the literature; nearly all is from the work of one person, Stephen Fry, who has also begun to file patents around the organism. I tend to get twitchy when this sort of thing happens. It has been 4 or more years since he began talking about the organism, nevertheless, NO ONE in the scientific world has done any work on it, nor is there anything in the journal literature. My skepticism increases. This does not mean that such an organism does not exist, it is just that I hear of things like this all the time and many of them turn out to have no foundation. That being said, the organism is reputed to be similar to both babesia and the malarial parasite. You can use the babesia protocol (in the babesia book) for treatment. There are also a number of people on the internet who detail their road back to health.
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