Dear Stephen,
Would it be possible for you to give an update on which herbs to use for bartonella infection, as there is quite some difference and confusion between the information in your book and the questions answered on your website. In your book you do not stipulate whether the basic core protocol for lyme should also be used for bartonella. Then on your website you refer to a new bartonella protocol with sida acuta, but again it is not very clear if we need to use this together with this one from your book for bartonella. If indeed we need to take these protocols together, I would like to know what the experience and/or knowledge concerning safety about taking that huge amount of herbs, especially in light of past serious problems with taking Chinese herbs. Many thanks in advance for clarifying the confusion on which herbs are exactly needed, this will probably help us a lot.

Stephen’s response:
The bartonella protocol has been developing over time as it became clear how important it is to have a very focused treatment for it. There is in fact a book on bartonella and also mycoplasma that will be out next spring going into the whole thing in depth. The new bartonella protocol that has been placed on this site is the one that is most current and is what I recommend. The concern you have about Chinese herbs is in fact due to contaminants in some herbal shipments from dubious manufacturers. The company I recommend is as careful as they can be about making sure that is not a problem and I feel they have a lot of integrity in their work, which is why I recommend them.
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