Dear Stephen,
I have been struggling with illness for the past seven months. Been through a myriad of tests. Ruled out, as my doctor puts it, anything serious that might be going on. I tested positive for lyme, did six weeks of antibiotics, felt great in the fifth and sixth week and terrible in the weeks following the end of my antibiotic trial. Unfortunately, several of the doctors I have seen have all refused to put me on antibiotics insisting it is not lyme. And perhaps it is not. All I can say is that my symptoms match in every sense what I have read in your book. So I have started the core protocol and have completed my first week. Obviously I am still in the beginning of a long process, but I just wanted to ask: The protocol calls for eight to twelve months, but when should I start potentially feeling the results (assuming I have lyme)? Given, it is different for everybody, but when does the most average case begin to sense a difference? I’m not worried, I just want to be prepared. Thank you so much and take care.

Stephen’s response:
Usually people start to feel better within a month.
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