Dear Stephen,
I discussed your lyme protocol with my doctor here in Germany. He is open to using herbal protocols but he would like to see evidence of improvement in lyme disease by the use of this protocol. I read in another answer that 5% of patients didn’t improve through the protocol. Is it possible to go into more detail. For example: 5% out of 100 didn’t improve, 10% out of 100 did recover completely. As my doctor is treating a lot of lyme patients, persuading him would be of great benefit. Thank you.

Stephen’s response:
5% means 5 out of a hundred. There have been no clinical studies on my protocol that I am aware of. In general the practitioners I have contact with report that 75% recover completely, 10-15% are relieved of most or all symptoms, 5-10% are relieved of some symptoms, 5% have no response. That is out of 100.
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