Dear Stephen,
Is there a maximum dosage for smilax? I’ve worked up to 10 grams a day in a decoction and an unexpected benefit is that it seems to be clearing my lungs of congestion that I didn’t even realize was such a problem. I can now breathe deeper. I would like to go higher to see if I can get any more relief but thought I’d better check with what you consider to be a safe upper limit. I’ve read recently of a clinical study in China using 60-150 g in combination with scutellaria b, stephania t, and artemisia to treat syphilis and leptospirosis. Although I don’t plan on going that high, how high do you think I could safely go?

Stephen’s response:
I consider smilax a food grade herb and the Chinese do use large doses with safety and have for millennia. I don’t know what the upper limit would beā€”like anything, inching up on it is best and then decreasing the dose if you hit side effects.
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