Dear Stephen,
Hello, My son who is 10 and daughter who is almost 8 have been treated for five years for lyme with antibiotics. I had taken them off a year ago and just put them on a low dosage of samento. Recently we switched to cumanda after running out of samento. My 10 year old’s symptoms seem to be returning. Ankle pain, knee pain, achilles pain. Is the cat’s claw from Raintree safe for children, and what would the dosage be for my son who weighs 76 pounds? Also, is that enough or should I add other herbs – he has a hard time swallowing pills.

Stephen’s response:
Yes, Rain-tree cat’s claw is safe. The dosage would be half the adult dose. I would highly suggest you use teasel tincture (15 drops 3x daily) for your son’s symptoms, that should clear them up. If not, add knotweed tincture (, same dosage range as the teasel.
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