Dear Stephen,
Thank you so much for your insights and wonderful books. I am battling both lyme and bartonella and recently started your core protocol, some of the extended herbs (stephania and teasel), as well as your recommended aggressive treatment for bartonella. You recommend a fairly high dose of l-arginine when treating bartonella. However, I have also read many accounts of those with lyme having high amounts of ammonia (produced by the lyme bacteria), and that taking l-arginine can exacerbate symptoms related to high ammonia. I’m especially curious as I tend to get a burst of symptoms (hot flush, dizziness, foggy brain) whenever I consume high-arginine foods like coffee, sesame seeds/tahini, sunflower seeds, large quantity of chocolate, etc. What are your thoughts on this? And, is it safe and recommended (unless one has a significant viral load) to take l-arginine if one is infected with both bacteria? Thanks so much! I eagerly await your forthcoming books.
Stephen’s response:
I would recommend lowering the dose of l-arginine. I try to emphasize that these protocols are generic and really do have to be altered for each person but my hope was to give a starting point for people so that they at least had something to work with as a beginning. Although the herbs I suggest are generally very safe, there are people who are more sensitive to some of them and just can’t use them or use any kind of large dose. So, if something disagrees with you, lower the dose or don’t use it. As to the ammonia thing, I am not sure about that, but as I get deeper into a revision of the lyme book, not due now until 2014, I will most certainly look at it.

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