Dear Stephen,
I’m an Ayurvedic practitioner in France. We are uncovering a major epidemic of lyme in Dordogne. I have neuroborreliosis and will be experimenting with your protocol personally and professionally while also applying Ayurvedic detox (pancha karma) techniques. I have a question about dosage for whole powders: when you say in your book, for those who want to use the whole Japanese knotweed powder, to fill 8 – 16 ‘00’ size capsules and take in four equal doses daily, I am trying to determine how much this is in grams for those who don’t like using capsules. In my view, for those with weakened digestive fire, a lot of capsules tends to create a gluey substance, and possibly more Ama, or toxic residues). Am I correct in thinking that since ’00’ capsules hold approximately 950 mg, the powder dosage would be 7.6 grams – 15.2 g of powder in four equal doses – that is, approx. 2 g x 4/day to 3.8 g x 4/day at the higher dosage? Thanks for your help in confirming the powder dosage. And thank you for the vital knowledge you are sharing with us for increased health of body, mind, heart and planet. Through your work and compassionate presence, you are helping me heal lyme in myself and others far more effectively. It would be wonderful if my colleagues and I could organize a lyme conference in Dordogne someday and invite you as guest speaker! We are very behind the U.S. and Germany in treating this disease and many medical professionals, lyme patients and undiagnosed lyme sufferers are feeling quite lost at the moment. What would you say to a trip to southwestern France? With gratitude.

Stephen’s response:
Yes, you are right in your estimation. The Chinese high dose is about 30 grams per day. However, in general I prefer just using one TBS 3x daily mixed in juice and increasing it to 3 TBS 3x daily over time. That is a rougher way to do it but a bit easier than trying to measure it all out, especially for those with lyme. And I would love to visit and teach there. I do get quite a few emails from Europe regarding lyme, a number of them from France, and it would be fun to talk about lyme there. Thanks for asking.
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