Dear Stephen,
I have been taking cat’s claw, knotweed, and teasel root for the last 4 months, and am now at the highest dosage. In the last month I also began taking smilax, periwinkle, and andrographis, still at pretty low doses. About 2-3 months ago my symptoms worsened greatly, mostly muscle/joint pain and sometimes headaches. I assume this was a herxheimer reaction. Then I started to feel better, but within the last month some of my symptoms have worsened again (muscle/joint pain, now much more frequent and worse head aches, eye pressure, and much increased fatigue issues). Is this a second wave of herx I am experiencing or is it just natural for there to be ups and downs with symptoms?

Stephen’s response:
There are often ups and downs during the process. You might try adding cordyceps (2000 mg 3x daily – and Chinese skullcap root tincture (1/4 tsp 3x daily – and see if it helps.
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