Dear Stephen,
I was infected with lyme a year ago after a tick bite on my head, hidden in my hair. The tick tested positive for Borellia burgdorferi and babesia. I was very ill 10 days after the tick was removed and treated with 1 month doxycycline. My physical pain did subside but I was left with chronic depression, panic attacks, brain fog and memory loss. This summer the neck stiffness, knee and ankle swelling and burning up sensations returned. In addition my thyroid has stopped working and my periods have stopped (I am female age 39). Because the doxycycline failed I started your herb protocol a month ago. I am taking: knotweed (whole dried herb as a tea, I drink it all day), cat’s claw (tincture), eleuthero (tincture), sarsaparilla (smilax, capsules), nattokinase (capsules). Plus: vitamin C, MSM, glucosamine and Biosil. My question is I am considering a course of hyperbaric oxygen treatment and infrared saunas. There is a list of conventional drugs that are contraindicated for this treatment. Would any of the herbs I am taking be a problem? I am hoping it will help the herbs be more effective or weaken the spirochetes. Many thanks, your book is a life saver.

Stephen’s response:
None of the herbs should interfere with what you want to do.
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