Dear Stephen,
Thank you so much for helping all of us with lyme! My question is about who the core protocol is for—is it for anyone who has ever had lyme, or just those recently infected? I read your book, but wasn’t sure about what stage of lyme is intended for using the core protocol. I got lyme around July 4, 2008. Was treated with doxycycline about 2 weeks later. All symptoms disappeared except a stiff, sore neck and top right shoulder. Stiffness got worse so got chiropractic/accupuncture treatment to “release” muscle stiffness (apparently muscles have memory once injured?). This helped a bit, along with Tiger Balm topical on muscles. But neck bones constantly crack and stretching it makes a grissle-like sound (ick!). Should I assume that the protocol is for anyone who got lyme, not just recent infections? If so, should I go on the full protocol or partial? Also saw your herb order recommendation in a previous post (Japanese knotweed, cat’s claw, eleutherococcus, andrographis). Thank you!! And one last thank you—your book on Hepatitis C saved my brother’s life!!

Stephen’s response:
Yep, the protocol is for anyone. I would suggest knotweed and cat’s claw to start. And thanks for the feedback on the Hep C book.
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