Dear Stephen,
Since coming off doxycycline 5 weeks ago (taken for 1 month for early disseminated lyme and an unidentified rickettsial coinfection) I have been following your protocol but am confused about the astragalus dosage. On page 124 of Healing Lyme you recommend starting at 3,000 mg per day and working up to 16,000 mg per day, for active lyme infection. 2,000 mg per day is recommended as a tonic or preventative dose. I ramped up to 4,500 mg per day which is still well short of the maximum recommended in your book. However this website now says 1,000 mg per day. Should I cut it? I made spectacular progress in the first 3 weeks but seem to be going backward a little now – note that my doses of knotweed and andrographis are still at the very low end of your suggested range though. Thanks for your help.
Stephen’s response:
Well, what I am meaning IN GENERAL, not in specific cases, is:
For prevention if you live in a lyme endemic area: 1000mg daily
If you get bit by a tick, or if you notice a bulls eye rash, immediately begin taking 1000mg 3x daily, increasing it every week by 1000mg, so the second week use 2000 mg 3x daily, the third 3000 mg 3x daily, and so on. Essentially to ramp up the immune response markers needed to either prevent infection or reduce symptoms to mild.
This is essentially an immediate response to the onset of acute infection. There are some people who, I think, can use astragalus who have been infected for some time, but that is pretty much a case-by-case sort of thing and the dosage would vary considerably. Let me know if this takes care of the confusion.

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