Dear Stephen,
I was finally diagnosed after being very ill with proliferating muscle, joint, neurological symptoms for over a year. I’ve been on antibiotics and your core protocol for nine months and am now significantly better, almost symptom-free. My LLMD wants me to stay on the antibiotics but I’ve reduced the herbs (andrographis, knotweed, cat’s claw) to 1 capsule, 3x day and eleuthero to one dropper-full per day with no increase in symptoms. How long do you think one should continue these herbs? Are there any others that should be added to continue to support my immune system? I also follow your complete collagenous tissue support recommendations and take a multivitamin, magnesium glycinate and vitamin D daily. Is this okay to continue long term? I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and want to make sure I can maintain my health and avoid relapse. Is there someone in the SF bay area you might suggest to help with specific recommendations for me? Many thanks for all you have offered to us.

Stephen’s response:
Yes, these are okay to continue long term; I generally want people to stay on the herbs a year but when you get to the end, the best things to keep taking are knotweed and cat’s claw 1 tablet 3x daily indefinitely. Many people do stop altogether, but those herbs are good for a great many things – including aging; there is no harm in taking them as a part of your diet regularly. If you just pay close attention to how you feel you can begin taking herbs if you begin to deteriorate for any reason. I would suggest keeping the eleuthero close as it is easy to, from time to time, run into life demands that create a lot of stress; that will stress your immune function. That is a good time to take eleuthero again. I keep a close watch on my own health and take herbs whenever I feel the need. As to a practitioner there: try calling the California School of Herbal Studies just a bit north of the Bay Area; they can recommend someone close to you.
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